dandy's eyewearNew Dandy’s Premium

New Dandy’s Premium

We could list all the features of these exquisite glasses; where they were made and who produced them. But we know all too well that the real difference actually comes from the individual’s face and how they make you feel.

Dandy’s Premium collection is a night of passion between mind, and planning from which an idea of true beauty is born to dedicate to others. It is the love story of the man who finds himself through an object, the personification of his own character, whatever that may be.


Others may copy your style, the way you dress, walk, etc. The world is full of nice eyewear, what is truly unique and inimitable, is your face.

Dandy’s Premium Collection is made with Japanese acetate sheets produced by the company Takiron Rowland. This is the only company in Japan that produces cellulose acetate. The particular brightness of the material comes from the dry production, without glue or solvents and a reduced use of plasticisers.
To make the beryllium copper bridge, the technique of lost-wax casting was used, typically used in jewellery; the temples are processed in such a way as to highlight the inlaying of the core; the temple tips are thick and typical of Dandy’s models, designed to balance the frame front.
The unique hinges, an exclusive feature, have a metal groove and are a solid 7-barrel design.