Showing one’s flaws requires courage and a lot of self-love. Each mark gives us the opportunity to feel unique and different, all the imperfections of the original acetate are visible, it is alive, uncoated.

The crown jewel of Dandy’s collection are the frames produced from sheets that have been left unrefined, just as they come from the supplier, from the English “rough”. Cellulose acetate is hand-refined using milling and the scraping blade to highlight the qualities of the materials as well, as the design of the frames. Dandy’s Rough line came about from the desire to demonstrate the processing of the eyewear to both the optician and the client.
Conversely, the apparent poverty of the product demonstrates the care and complexity that goes into the various hand worked stages.
The Rough line is produced in limited quantities; they can come in many colours, but it is also possible that just one pair is produced in a particular colour.

Dandy’s is the Dedication required to create a product, the Distinguished character of those who wear these glasses, the Determination to always be looking for a new objective.

The Rough models, that is to say those left “unfinished”, maintain all the natural features of the untreated acetate sheet. With opaque colours and all of the imperfections in the material and the production able to be clearly seen. These models are not perfect, they are unique: every imperfection, scratch, and hint of the sheet should be considered a characteristic linked to that model. The serial number and the total of number of pieces produced in that same colour are laser cut into the frame.

Dandy Style

By style, Dandy means an aesthetic as well as a behavioural genre characterised by the love of beauty in its broadest sense, by the taste for sought-after details, from the pleasure of timeless objects
Someone who loves this style is attracted by beauty as an end in itself, and for this reason strives to find it in everything and everyone they meet.

The rough acetate

Dandy's Rough is not only left rough: it is worked, it is finished so that the "defects" of the natural slab stand out to the maximum of their beauty.
It doesn't take much to leave a pair of glasses unfinished.
What makes the difference are the overview and manual dexterity: these distinguish True Beauty from something common.

Unique eyewear produced in numbered series

The choices we have made in the past make us who we are today. We can tell you what you want, but to really understand a Dandy's you have to touch it, wear it, read it. Each eyewear has something special, such as a small serial number. A detail, an intimate number, a secret between the glasses and the wearer.


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